Laudis et Honoris Signum

Many years of commitment and collaboration convinced us to take a significant and relevant step that has no equal as for its importance in the whole Central-European area, at least not after 1918. We decided to establish an international award to reward those who have distinguished themselves due to outstanding activities in favor of a renewed brotherhood between the numerous small nations that make up that magnificent and exemplary European “mosaic” called Central Europe or Mitteleuropa.

The award “Laudis et Honoris Signum” consists of a precious decoration in silver and gold and is accompanied by a parchment with the inscription in Latin – a language that still distinguishes the official documents in our countries. This is intended to be the highest international recognition that our Association bestows to distinguished personalities who have acquired high and particular merits in favor of the Central-European supranational ideal in specific fields of expertise (art, economics, music, politics, diplomacy, literature and poetry, humanitarian actions, etc.) according to the inspiring principles of our statute, fostering strong cooperation and cohesion among the peoples of Central Europe.

The awardees


Former European Commissioner for Education, Culture, Multilingualism and Youth

Günter Birbaum

Former Ambassador of Austria to Hungary, former Ambassador of Austria to Italy and Consul General in Trieste

Jozef Mikloško

Former Ambassador of the Slovak Republic to Italy, former Deputy Prime Minister of Czechoslovakia

Dénes Gyapay

Former Consul General of Hungary in Milan

Tomaž Pavšič

Former Consul of Slovenia in Trieste


Sepp Prugger

Former delegate of the Carinthian regional government for collaboration with Mitteleuropa

Enzo Bettiza

Italian journalist, writer and politician


Leonhard Paulmichl

Director, journalist and essayist; member and founder of the Pen-Club Rezia

Imre Kozma

Priest, founder of the Maltese Humanitarian Service and member of the Order of Maltese Knights

Tomáš Špidlík

Czech Republic
Theologian, Cardinal and IV Class Knight of the Order of Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk

Gyula Horn

Former Prime Minister of Hungary, he played a leading role in opening the "iron curtain" to Eastern Germans in 1989, contributing to the subsequent German reunification.

Alois Mock

Former president of the Austrian People's Party and former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Austria

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